Beyond Seven Sheerlon Review

Okamoto USA’s Beyond Seven Sheerlon condoms are made of an incredible material called Sheerlon, which is softer, more natural feeling, and silkier than traditional latex condoms. Sheerlon is so advanced, it is also more apt to conform to the natural curves of the penis than normal latex condoms. This exclusive condom material has a less potent latex smell and taste than non-sheerlon condoms and is super thin at just 0.002” thick.


Okamoto makes a lot of other condoms, including the Crown Skinless Skin condom, so expect Beyond Seven Sheerlon condoms to be similar to Crowns when it comes to girth size, because they both measure in at 2.08” wide. However, Beyond Seven Sheerlons are 7.25” long, while Crowns are 7.08” inches long- so Beyond Seven Sheerlon condoms are slightly longer than Crowns. Perhaps this condom being over 7” long is the origin of the name Beyond Seven. In comparison to other Beyond Seven condoms, Beyond Seven Sheerlon condoms are slightly longer than the Beyond Seven Studded condoms and are a little bit shorter than the Beyond Seven Aloe condoms.

Sheerlon is stretchier, more pliable and stronger than regular latex condoms, so many customers report that they prefer the Beyond Seven Sheerlon condom to larger latex condoms, like the Magnum. The stretchiness allows the condom to move freely with the ebb and flow of an erection and creates a skin-like feeling. Male customers and staff members report feeling pleasurable sensations through the condoms during intercourse, not just pressure, because Sheerlon “hugs” the penis. Time and time again, both men and women alike say when they use Beyond Seven Sheerlon condoms, it feels like they are wearing nothing at all.

The Beyond Seven Sheerlon condom is lightly lubricated with a water-based lube, but I strongly suggest using some additional water-based lubrication for a more long lasting, comfortable and enjoyable experience for both you and your partner. When they say “lightly lubricated,” they mean it. A few drops on the inside and outside of the Sheerlon condom should do the trick. Bear in mind that Sheerlon is formulated from latex, so do not use an oil-base lubricant with these. They’re also not safe for use by those with a latex allergy. Beyond Seven Sheerlon condoms have a reservoir tip, are non-contoured, have a pale blue tint and are made in Japan.