Durex Pleasuremax Review


When I first opened the Durex Pleasuremax condom, there was a rush of scent that reminded me of some long-forgotten morning during my childhood. Froot Loops? Yes. These condoms smell like Froot Loops. So everyone, follow your nose to the delightful scent of Durex’s Pleasuremax condoms. I don’t get it. Like, is it the lube […]

WET Uranus Anal Lube Review


The word on the street is that WET Uranus is thicker than other WET lubes like Original and Platinum, but true to a skeptic’s form, I don’t believe everything that I hear. So, some first hand experience was necessary in the making of this review. I was really looking forward to it, since both the […]

Durex Extra Sensitive Review


The Durex Extra Sensitive is a top notch condom which delivers superior protection and comfort. Size-wise, the Extra Sensitive is 7.5 inches long and 2 inches wide. But, the head size is slightly larger, measuring in at 2.125 inches. This is a traditional latex condom, in the sense that it has no special textures or […]

Lifestyles WYLD Review

I like these condoms with the expanded ends. I didn’t think I would. Didn’t think I would notice really, but my partner sure did. When he saw the illustration on the WYLD box, he was kind of turned off. “That looks really silly,” he said. But when he actually put it on, he was grateful […]

LifeStyles Skyn Review


LifeStyles Skyn condoms are non-latex condoms which are made from an ultra soft and super stretchy polyisoprene material. These condoms are the epitome of what a non-latex condom should be. Unlike the Durex Avanti and the Trojan Supra, LifeStyles Skyn condoms measure in at 7.48” long by 2.08” wide, making them the perfect non-latex choice […]

Pjur Eros Review


Pjur Eros Original has been a top seller both domestically and internationally since the 1990’s, simply because it’s an amazing silicone-based lubricant. One of the best characteristics of this personal lubricant is its incredible resistance to water. This feature means Pjur Eros is ideal for use during sexual activities when you or your partner’s parts […]

Beyond Seven Sheerlon Review


Okamoto USA’s Beyond Seven Sheerlon condoms are made of an incredible material called Sheerlon, which is softer, more natural feeling, and silkier than traditional latex condoms. Sheerlon is so advanced, it is also more apt to conform to the natural curves of the penis than normal latex condoms. This exclusive condom material has a less […]

Trojan Magnum Condom Review


If you are a fan of the Trojan Enz, but you find them to be a bit too snug or short, it’s time to go for the gold wrapper. The Trojan Magnum (0.6” longer than the Enz), is one of the only condoms people can recognize from a distance. This is due to the highly […]

FC2 Female Condom Review


The FC2 female condom may not be the most widely used or most well known condom on the market, but it does fill a growing niche marketplace for women who want to take charge of their own safety and health, without relying on a man to wear protection. The FC2 effectively prevents against STDs and […]

Durex Performax Condom Review


Having a hard time staying up late into the night? Find yourself becoming a minute man when you use to be great for marathon sessions?  The Durex Performax condom is here to help. The Durex Performax condom is apart of Official Condom’s climax control product line.  These condoms come with a special lubricant, unique to […]