Condoms for Smaller Men

When you aren’t exactly average-sized, it can be extremely difficult to find an appropriately sized condom in a retail store. And, since condom companies do not list any of their sizes on their packaging, it can be frustrating and costly to invest in box after box of condoms, only to have them fit incorrectly at inopportune moments. Some brands may advertise as having snugger fit condoms which, when measured at home, are practically average-sized.


We completely understand and sympathize with your dilemma, and we do not want you to have to give up on having safer sex due to an ill-fitting selection of condoms at your local store. That’s why we have compiled this article to specifically convey which condoms are best for smaller men. And, you can order them right here, without the inevitable awkward encounter with a cashier or store clerk.

Measuring for an Accurate Fit

But first, before we go into the product names and sizes which are best for smaller men, it is essential to have a precise measurement of the length and circumference of your own or your partner’s erect penis. A soft measuring tape (like the ones tailors use) is recommend for this, but you can use a piece of string and mark the spot, and then compare that to a ruler if you don’t have access to a soft tape measure.


When it comes to condoms, the length is always listed first, followed by the circumference. Be sure to measure all the way from from your pubis to your tip. Length is more flexible, since the condom does not have to be fully unrolled on the shaft to offer protection. Simply unroll it until you can’t unroll it anymore.

The circumference measurement refers to the base size, so take your shaft circumference measurement from about a quarter of an inch away from your torso for the best results. This measurement is particularly important because having the proper girth size will prevent your condom from slipping off either before, during or after ejaculation.

Smaller Length Condoms

  1. Kameleon Tri Color- 6.87” x 6.28” or 174.63mm x 159.59mm

  2. Trustex Mint Non Lubricated- 6.87” x 6.28” or 174.63mm x 159.59mm

  3. Kimono MicroThin Ultra Lube- 7.5” x 5.89” or 190.5mm x 149.63

  4. Fantasy Rainbow Colors- 7.5” x 5.89” or 190.5mm x 149.63

Smaller Circumference Condoms

  1. Caution Wear Iron Grip- 7.75” x 5.5” or 196.85mm x 139.64mm

  2. Durex Avanti Bare Latex- 7.62” x 5.89” or 193.68mm x 149.63mm

  3. LifeStyles Thyn UltraGlide- 7.62” x 5.89” or 193.68mm x 149.63mm

  4. Trustex Mint Lubricated- 7.62” x 5.89” or 193.68mm x 149.63mm

An Alternative Smaller-Fit Condom Solution

The FC2 female condom is 6.87” long and is inserted into the vagina (or anus, although it is not yet FDA approved for anal use) while the penis stays bare. Essentially, the receiving partner wears the condom. The FC2 is like any other condom in that it is extremely effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies and the transmission and contraction of STDs. In fact, studies show that the FC2 is actually more effective than male condoms for protection against skin-to-skin STDs like herpes and HPV. Additionally, the FC2 is made from a non-latex material, which is great if you or your partner need a snugger fit condom which is also not made out of latex.