Delayed Ejaculation

While a lot of guys worry about arriving to the party too early, by having premature ejaculation, other men miss the entire shindig because they have trouble getting to the point of ejaculation, even after a seriously lengthy and pleasurable roll in the hay. Obviously, neither situation is ideal. If you suspect this may apply to your sex life, ask yourself this- do any of these situations sound familiar?


  • Does it take you much longer to reach an orgasm than it used to?

  • Are you unable to reach an orgasm during sex no matter what?

  • Can you only reach an orgasm during masturbation?

Faking It

Sometimes sex lasts way too long. Even though this sounds great in theory, the human body isn’t meant to have sex forever, so without an orgasm, a legitimate question arises- when will it end? Delayed ejaculation is the main reason why men would chose to fake an orgasm. This is not dissimilar to the reason why women would chose to fake an orgasm. During a Seinfeld episode dealing with fake orgasms, the character Cosmo Kramer said it best, “Sometimes enough is enough and I just want to get some sleep already.”

Substandard Satisfaction

Delayed ejaculation can pose a problem because it can make the partner feel really inadequate, unattractive and it can inhibit their overall enjoyment. Most people want their partner to feel as good as possible and gain as much satisfaction as they can in the bedroom. Sadly, delayed ejaculation can prevent this from happening. So exactly what causes men to have delayed ejaculation?

Force of Habit

Masturbating too frequently can cause men to become desensitized to the pressure that’s being exerted onto their penis by the vaginal walls. This is because the force deployed from the grip of a strong hand is so much stronger than the elastic walls of a vagina. Therefore, being used to this extreme grip can cause delayed ejaculation during vaginal sex. If this situation applies to you, try masturbating less often, or try using, “toys for boys,” while masturbating instead of your hand. This can allow your sensitivity level to return to what it once was.

Speaking of sensitivity, if you have trouble with thicker condoms reducing your level of sensation during sex, try an extra sensitive condom like Beyond Seven, Crown Skinless Skin or Caution Wear’s Black Ice. These super thin condoms can enhance and elevate the feeling your partners grip. And, just because they are thinner than regular condoms, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to worry about them breaking on you, because they’ve all been FDA approved for safety.

Lying Lyrics

There is another common cause of delayed ejaculation. The myth that women want sex to last as long as possible can make men feel like they need to go all night long (like almost every song about sex states over and over again). Simply put, this is false. Guys, there is a much appreciated middle ground in between a three thrust session and the sex equivalent of a triathlon. Even if you achieve an orgasm right off the bat and then work up to round two using foreplay, this will make your partner feel much more appreciated and fulfilled than if you never orgasm at all.