Durex Performax Condom Review

Having a hard time staying up late into the night? Find yourself becoming a minute man when you use to be great for marathon sessions?  The Durex Performax condom is here to help.


The Durex Performax condom is apart of Official Condom’s climax control product line.  These condoms come with a special lubricant, unique to each condom, that are designed to delay climax and prolong sexual excitement.  If you have tried climax control condoms in the past, you may have noticed that sometimes the lubricant coating the condom contains this same climax delay lubricant, and can often lead to a numb feeling for your partner.  This is NOT the case with Durex’s Performax condoms.

Unlike other climax control products, Durex has made the performax with both partners and mind and only includes the climax control lubricant on the inside of the condom itself.  Ensuring that only the male or wearer of the condom is getting the benefits of the climax control.

A special note from one of our testers, remember that the climax control lubricant is still on the penis when you take the condom off.  Forgetting might lead to temporarily numb mouth for your partner if you decided to engage in oral immediately after wearing the condom. Our tester noted, that while amusing, a numb mouth can really interrupt the motion in the ocean.

The Durex Performax condoms should be your go to choice if you find yourself a little “over excited” in the bedroom and will give you the peace of mind that you won’t be finished at the word go.