Durex Pleasuremax Review

When I first opened the Durex Pleasuremax condom, there was a rush of scent that reminded me of some long-forgotten morning during my childhood. Froot Loops? Yes. These condoms smell like Froot Loops. So everyone, follow your nose to the delightful scent of Durex’s Pleasuremax condoms.

I don’t get it. Like, is it the lube that makes them smell this way? It’s certainly a nice, soft lube, and it didn’t seem to get tacky really fast. I ended up looking it up with Durex to make sure, but in spite of my insistence, these condoms definitely are lubricated with a water-based lube– not silicone. Could’ve fooled me. Just to be sure we were extra protected, my partner and I added a dollop of WET Naturals Silky Supreme to ensure that the condom didn’t dry up.

One thing that I noticed was that the Durex Pleasuremax condom seemed particularly stretchy, so I grabbed an extra one post-coitus to test it out. I could stretch it pretty far! My boyfriend, who is on the larger side, said that he found the condom to be extremely comfortable, so maybe the extra stretch in Durex’s premium latex had something to do with it. After all, it already has a length of 8.12 inches and a circumference of 6.68 inches (diameter of 2.12 inches). This makes it one of the larger condoms that we carry.

I also don’t get the studs and the ribs. Listen, condom companies: you don’t have to fake these things to keep your lady clientele interested. We can’t feel them, and even if we could, they wouldn’t do much. Bumps are only good if they’re bigger– like on the Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics Plus– and condoms can’t really accommodate that without him losing feeling. But hey, A+ for trying.

Even with the silliness of the ribs and studs added, this condom is still one of the best ones that I’ve had the pleasure of trying. The silky, soft lubricant (and it’s not even silicone!), the stretchiness of the latex, and the smell made it a pleasurable experience that I hope to share with my boyfriend again very soon!