LifeStyles Skyn Review

LifeStyles Skyn condoms are non-latex condoms which are made from an ultra soft and super stretchy polyisoprene material. These condoms are the epitome of what a non-latex condom should be. Unlike the Durex Avanti and the Trojan Supra, LifeStyles Skyn condoms measure in at 7.48” long by 2.08” wide, making them the perfect non-latex choice for the average to slightly above average sized gentleman. LifeStyles does make a Skyn Large if this size is not suitable for you or your partner.

For me, one of the biggest downfalls of non-latex condoms can be the seriously distracting and unattractive crinkling sound they make during periods of intense friction. The great thing about the Skyn condoms is they are the “silent option,” for non-latex lovers. Who wants to sound like they are taking out the trash while they are in the middle of lovemaking? Not me. Skyn condoms make about the same amount of noise as a regular latex condom.

For those who are either allergic to latex or have an aversion to latex, yes, lambskin condoms feel fantastic. However, Skyn condoms are a great alternative to lambskin condoms. This is because Skyn condoms not only help protect against unwanted pregnancies, like lambskin condoms do, they also offer proven STD protection as well, unlike lambskin condoms. I feel like sex is always better when you feel like all of the consequences of it are eliminated. My personal philosophy is: Why take a risk when there is a safer option available?

Plus, some people may find using lambskin condoms to be unethical due to lifestyle reasons, like veganism. I’m not a vegan, but financially I definitely prefer to use Skyn condoms versus lambskin because they are about one third the price. For these numerous reasons, I favor Skyn to lambskin.

Synthetic latex condoms have unfairly developed a reputation for being less stretchy, thicker and drier than latex condoms. This is where LifeStyles Skyn condoms pull ahead in the non-latex race towards being a pleasurable product. Not only are they extremely stretchy, allowing them to conform to the shape of the shaft, they are also lubricated with a decent amount of smooth lubrication, although using some additional lubrication certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Skyn condoms provide an ultra thin-like feeling and level of sensitivity, all while their unique ability to safely stretch during different sexual positions helps to prevents breakage. Furthermore, I find that the inherent stretchiness and lubrication of Skyn condoms makes them much easier to get on (and off) than other non-latex condoms too. Overall, LifeStyles Skyn condoms are an extremely affordable, safe, comfortable and quiet option for those who are looking for a non-latex condom. If you haven’t had the chance to try them yet, I strongly suggest it!