Lifestyles WYLD Review

I like these condoms with the expanded ends. I didn’t think I would. Didn’t think I would notice really, but my partner sure did. When he saw the illustration on the WYLD box, he was kind of turned off. “That looks really silly,” he said. But when he actually put it on, he was grateful for the wiggle room.

The ribs on the condom weren’t super noticeable for me, but they didn’t take away from the experience, either. Really, the bulb at the end of the condom had more of an effect on my pleasure than anything else. I’m excited to try more condoms like this, but even if they don’t work out, I know the WYLDs are a great choice to return to.

I might not have been able to feel the ribs, but I did feel like the extra room made it easier to feel my partner underneath the condom. We thought that it might feel a little too baggy or weird. But he liked the lack of restriction on the head of his penis. A lot of condoms feel a little too tight for him up there, but the WYLD did the trick.

Unfortunately, the lube on this condom didn’t last very long, so we threw some Liquid Silk into the mix. Despite this, it was very clear that this condom was durable, comfortable for my partner (who is usually very picky about his condoms) and it was pleasurable for me as well. You don’t really see that complete trifecta of awesomeness with most condoms.