What Causes Condoms to Break?


Condoms can sometimes rip during use.  Before you use a condom, always check to make sure there are no holes or rips in the condoms. 1)  A condom has expired All condoms have an expiration date printed on the wrapper.  Do not use a condom that has expired as the condom could be dried out, […]

Kimono Maxx Condom Review


Kimono MAXX Condoms are incredible.  If you are looking for extra headroom and more length without compromising on thinness and durability, then you should check these condoms out. The .  Kimono MAXX measure 7.68 inches in length and 2.05 inches in width, and are well lubricated to last most love making sessions.  However, our customers […]

Trustex Extra Large Condom Review


For the big boys out there we have the Trustex Extra Large condom available from Official Condoms. These condoms are wider than the Magnum XL’s made by trojan and made of thinner latex when compared to Trojan’s thicker material.  What’s even better are the price of the Trustex Extra Large condoms.  They are only $2.99 […]

Durex Extra Sensitive Condom Review


The Durex Extra Sensitive Condom is a premium condom for your equipment. We usually recommend adding extra lubricant when using condoms, but the silk lubricant that comes with the Durex Extra Sensitive Condom was more than enough to ensure comfort through extended play sessions. The condom itself is at 7.5 inches long and 2 inches […]

Crown Skinless Skin Condom Review


Crown condoms are the most well known and best selling condoms on the market.  These condoms have been manufactured to give users the closest feeling to wearing nothing at all. Crown condoms are one of the thinnest condoms on the market.  These condoms have been a popular choice in the adult film industry and are […]

Female Condom Instructions

How to use a Female Condom

How to use a Female Condom With a little practice, female condoms are very easy to use don’t be scared! Instructions on How to insert the female condom First Unwrap the Condom from it’s packaging Use a Personal Lubricant on the outside of the closed end. Find a comfortable position. You can stand with one […]

How to Use a Condom with Video

How to Use a Condom - Condom Information

Before you put a condom on: Store condoms in a cool, dry place. Keep condoms stored away from direct sunlight. Check the condom wrapper or box for the expiration date on the condom. Use your thumb and Index Finger to press the Condom Wrapper — does the air stay in the package? Tear the condom […]

HELP! What do I do if a Condom Breaks?

What do I do if a Condom Breaks

What to do If A Condom Breaks Sometimes condoms break. If a condom breaks, it is less effective. If the condom breaks during intercourse, pull out quickly and replace it. Men should be able to tell if a condom breaks during intercourse. To learn what it feels like, men can break condoms on purpose while […]