Pjur Eros Review

Pjur Eros Original has been a top seller both domestically and internationally since the 1990’s, simply because it’s an amazing silicone-based lubricant. One of the best characteristics of this personal lubricant is its incredible resistance to water. This feature means Pjur Eros is ideal for use during sexual activities when you or your partner’s parts are either completely submerged in water or when you’re in the midst of a fiery frolic in the rain or in a shower. This lube is advertised as being waterproof and I’m proof that this is accurate.


Pjur Eros Original is great to use with your favorite toy (or hand). However, this lubricant is NOT safe for use with adult toys made from silicone. Using Eros Original with a silicone toy such as a cyberskin or softskin toy can cause a chemical reaction which will cause irreversible damage to your precious toy. If you’re not sure if your toy is silicone or not, err on the side of safety.

That being said, Pjur Eros is completely safe for use with toys made from any other material or with your favorite latex or non-latex condom. Pjur Eros is also safe for use by vegans, vegetarians and animal rights activists because it is never tested on animals and it does not contain any animal by-products or ingredients.

Upon use, I found this formula to be extremely long lasting and super concentrated, both of which were a major plus in my book. I really only needed the tiniest amount of Pjur Eros to stay slippery throughout my romp. I kept expecting to need more of it, but I never did! Over time, this could be a saver of both your sexy mood and your fat wallet. Even after my erotic adventure, the Eros Original still wasn’t dry, tacky, greasy or sticky in the slightest.

So, I was already sold on the feeling of Eros Original. Then, I noticed its lack of taste and smell. This completely blew my mind! How could something that felt so good below the equator also be so sensory neutral elsewhere? Lately, I’ve grown so weary of lubes smelling and tasting like chemicals and/or artificial fruits. I want to smell either nothing or my partner, not a product. At last, I have found the magic non-flavored, non-scented emollient!

Speaking of emollients, Eros Original is also renowned for being a fantastic skin conditioner. I was somewhat skeptical about this characteristic until I tried it out for myself. Since I have dry skin and I’m an avid user of cocoa butter as my daily lotion, I have high expectations for skin moisturizers and conditioners. Nonetheless, Pjur Eros successfully met my dermal moisturizing demands without any unpleasant side effects. Men or women who shave, wax or pluck their genital region will be relieved to know this conditioning lubricant does not cause ingrown hairs, clogged pores or acne breakouts.