Trojan Magnum Condom Review

If you are a fan of the Trojan Enz, but you find them to be a bit too snug or short, it’s time to go for the gold wrapper. The Trojan Magnum (0.6” longer than the Enz), is one of the only condoms people can recognize from a distance. This is due to the highly reflective gold metallic packaging they have and the clever marketing techniques Trojan uses to promote the Magnum condom. Most guys feel proud to buy and use them because it implies they need the extra room. As a result, a lot of guys use Magnum condoms as a status symbol or for sheer bragging rights.


Size wise, the Magnum measures in at 8.12” long x 2-2.5” wide. It’s narrowest point is located at the base of the condom, with a gradual increase in size towards the head. Magnum users report that the base size can be a bit restricting, although they have been designed to be smaller at the base in order to be more secure.

If you’re considering sizing up to combat this snug base issue, keep in mind that the Trojan Magnum XL will not be a better choice, because even though they are 2.7” wide at the head (0.2” wider than the original Magnum), the base size is the exact same as the Magnum at 2.0.”

The Magnum is 0.0027” thick, which some people say is thick enough to dull sensations. As a response to this complaint, Trojan came up with a Magnum Thin condom which is 0.0002” thinner than the original Magnum.

The Magnum is a really basic condom made of smooth latex. It contains a water based lubricant and it has no bells or whistles or special features outside of being a larger sized condom. Magnums are a natural latex color, have a latex odor and taste and they have a reservoir tip.