WET Uranus Anal Lube Review

The word on the street is that WET Uranus is thicker than other WET lubes like Original and Platinum, but true to a skeptic’s form, I don’t believe everything that I hear. So, some first hand experience was necessary in the making of this review. I was really looking forward to it, since both the water-based and the silicone-based versions of WET Uranus are latex safe, pH balanced and hypoallergenic. Finally, something that’s triple- but not a threat.


For the following reviews, I used the 3.6 oz flip top bottles, which were as galactic as any bottle of lube can get, And, once I learned this lube is Kosher, I got the Beastie Boys song, “Intergalactic Planetary” stuck in my head for hours. I really admire the striking graphics, chrome font, and glittery containers.

It’s all about the packaging, baby. This is not your mom’s lube from Publix, ok? The product design has a youthful edge and I’m buying into it, big time. This lube is the only one I’ve ever seen which can be proudly left out for display. Pictures simply can’t do these bottles justice.

WET Uranus Anal Lube: Water-based


The best things about water-based lubes, in my opinion, are that they can be used with silicone toys and that they are non-staining. And, as someone who doesn’t own a washer and dryer, reducing the amount of stains in my life is always appreciated. However, true to form with other water-based lubes, the WET Uranus did need to be reapplied before too much time had passed.

I was also surprised at the thinness of this lube, as I had anticipated it being of a thicker nature for, “cushioning,” during anal play. All in all though, it was non irritating, made for easy clean up and seemed to work a lot better than other standard lubes which are not really designed for anal use.

WET Uranus Anal Lube: Silicone-based


This paraben-free formula was perfect for anal use and provided a long lasting and extremely comfortable experience. This silicone-version of WET Uranus seemed thicker than the water-based version and it made my skin feel like a slippery paradise. The consistency of the lube didn’t change over time and this was a big plus for me.

Overall, I would definitely use this out-of-this-world product again. The clean-up took more time than it did with the water-based Uranus, but to me, it was worth it. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who wants to have a highly-lubricated anal experience with either with their partner or by themselves with a non-silicone toy.