What is Safer Sex?

When it comes to safety and sex, it is always best to be as safe as you can. However, did you know there is a distinct difference between safe sex and safer sex? It is important to note this difference when speaking, writing or thinking about sex. Safe sex is only possible through abstinence and solo masturbation, while it is possible to have safer sex while a partner is directly involved in the action.

This is to say that it is impossible to actively participate in sexual activities with another person and have safe sex. The safe sex lifestyle choice is sometimes referred to as celibacy. Any interaction involving touching another person can lead to physical and emotional consequences, which is exactly what a celibate person is trying to avoid.

Activities not allowed during celibacy/abstinence include no: kissing, oral sex, manual sex, anal sex, vaginal sex and dry humping. Unless you happen to be asexual (having no sexual desires), this can be a very difficult way to live your life. It may be safe, but celibate people can feel left out, isolated and socially frustrated.

On the other hand, safer sex can be achieved with the participation of a physical partner, but only through the diligent use of protection such as condoms and dental dams. These safer sex tools must be employed correctly and consistently for sex to become safer sex. If they are not, it simply is not safer sex. Without the use of these contraceptives, there is a much higher risk of spreading or contracting an STD or unintentionally conceiving a child.

Condoms are essential for all types of safer sex, whether it be for manual sex (hand jobs), oral sex (blow jobs), vaginal sex and/or anal sex. Condoms are highly effective in both preventing unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STDs. Dental dams protect both partners during cunnilingus (oral sex performed on a female) or anilingus (mouth to anus contact performed on either gender) from STDs and other harmful infections and bacteria.

Other forms of safer sex which do not require a condom or dental dam are cyber sex, phone sex, mutual masturbation and the use and implementation of adult toys. These are considered to be low risk sexual activities. Since there is no body contact during these activities they are deemed as being a means of getting sexual enjoyment, while remaining safer.

Safer sex is for responsible people who care about their own needs and their partners’ health, safety and future. Although having safer sex significantly reduces the risks and consequences of having sex, this doesn’t mean it has to be bad or boring. Safer sex can still be really fun, exciting and pleasurable for both partners.